about the blog:

folly and misfortune is a curated diary by Sabina Sysantos that documents the development of her style and perspective – by means of fashion, beauty, literature, and life in general. it is a manifestation of her thoughts and feelings on everything that makes her wonder and grow inspired. it is the odyssey of a girl passionate about making sense of the world around herself and the world inside her head; who attempts to dissect all the folly and misfortune that comes with them.

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about me:

Hi! I’m Sabina Sysantos – an 18-year-old girl trying to write her heart out. I currently live in Auckland City and would like to think of myself as a romanticised version of a runaway (forever thronged into a passionate love/hate affair with my hometown, Manila). I think some of the best things in life are: finding a really cool vintage jacket; walking around a new place by yourself; having the most delicious milkshake of your life; being in love with your best friend; dressing for no one else but yourself; intentionally fucking your life up just to be able to teach yourself invaluable Life Lessons™; wearing sunglasses unnecessarily; and writing about it all. Just because life wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t get to write about it.

I’m currently studying an undergraduate degree in Communications at the University of Auckland. I have previously completed a course in Fashion Journalism at the School of Fashion and the Arts Manila and been a contributor for The Philippine Star’s Young Star section. I am currently a part-time SA at Zara, a volunteer for this year’s NZ Fashion Week, an ambassador for my university’s Arts Students’ Organisation, and a regular contributor to these publications: Apparel Magazine NZ – Fennec & Friends Online – Tacky Magazine – College Fashionista. I believe in taking every opportunity to feel something new that will allow me to develop my style and perspective. This blog aims to share these discoveries.

Enjoy my mind, I hope you drop by from time to time. 

Love always,


“And courage to me meant ploughing through that dull gray mist that comes down on life. Not just overriding people and circumstances, but overriding the bleakness of living. A sort of insistence on the value of life and the worth of transient things.”