Another brand that I came across today and is going straight to my lust list is Vanina. Look at that gorgeousness.

I came across the ecommerce brand Vanina while scrolling past this post by Man Repeller.

I couldn’t help but get awe-struck by that bag! 2 seconds later I was mentally wishlisting throughout the Vanina website. They had such exquisite pieces but (as I was slightly disappointed to find out) they did indeed come at a steep price. This was understandable though, as each item is handmade in Lebanon. It’s a shame I couldn’t afford any of their items as so many of them were screaming out to me, but nonetheless I do appreciate small retailers like these who focus on high quality and ethical business practices.

They have such a lovely feminine, vintage, je ne sais quoi aesthetic to the brand. Everything just looks so dang pretty. The pearl bag is still the star piece in my opinion, but I am also living for those gold arabic script choker necklaces.

bag-camelia love_rect_s-600pxIMG_4705_1carabicsuperstarvanina500pxcarabiclovelyvanina500pxvalentinabustier_yellow1600px_0scarletminidress1600px_0pubettygreyfront_3sl-betty-white.squarre_0

Love always,



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