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Pop of pink

For today’s Daily Dose, instead of just posting a nice photo I got off the internet I thought I’d just talk about my day as a whole since it was quite an inspiring one! I ended up in what probably was the sketchiest place I’ve ever been to in New Zealand thus far…

So I actually had an “onboarding”/interview for Sidekicker today (Sidekicker is basically Tinder for jobs; it connects different employers to different employees for them to arrange one-time gigs). The travel time from my place to the office took about an hour and I ended up getting there over an hour early because I underestimated myself and assumed that I would have trouble finding it and get lost because that’s what normally happens to me. But to my surprise it was actually very near K’road, which I had been to only a couple times before but was already familiar with since its quite a unique area making it easier to remember the geography. Anyways while killing time before my interview, I roamed around this really retro building called Mercury Plaza.

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Arcade games

The first thing you’ll see when you enter is a bunch of old arcade games and a barber shop, complete with checkerboard tiled floors and that red/white/blue striped tube thingy! The building’s real purpose is to be a food court, so these stalls of Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine were the main attractions. And while the shabby, yesteryear vibe made it the sketchiest place in NZ I’ve been to so far, I was actually so inspired by the kitchy-suburbia-nostalgia scene and I would actually be so down for a lil Mercury Plaza photoshoot hahaha

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Food court

The only other thing in the place was this Chinese supermarket. I was really curious to have a look inside because I was sure I’d find something really interesting and random. But to my surprise, I didn’t find something really interesting and random – I found something that was exactly what I’ve been wanting and searching for!! Freaking BASKETS man!!! The whole basket bag thing is just undeniably cute and cool and I had been wanting to get onto it for a while, but I just couldn’t bring myself to make a $50 Etsy purchase for a bundle of wicker. So when I chanced upon this beautiful selection of sturdy baskets complete with handles and latches, I was deadass overjoyed and in that moment felt God’s presence. They’re called “bamboo cane carry cases” on the tag and came in small, medium and large. The large one looked like it would make a fantastic picnic basket, but I just got a medium and small to use as handbags in the spring/summer. And they were only $10 and $5 respectively!! Truly, #blessed. I’ll be talking more about baskets here tomorrow just to do a more in-depth trend report/outfit inspo post 🙂

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Selection of baskets!!!!!

Since there wasn’t much left to see in ol’ Mercury Plaza I went down to K’road which was just a 2-minute walk away. I was immediately lured by the $2 rack sitting outside this vintage shop and had to go in without question. They had a lot really good finds and at decent prices, I find that the secondhand shops I’ve been to so far either have really good but overpriced stuff, or supercheap stuff that look how they’re priced. So this shop was a total baby bear, making me declare it my new favourite physical store to thrift shop in.

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The White Elephant entrance

I ended up buying an amazing hand-knit chunky cream cardigan, which is another exact thing as what I’ve been looking for!! I’ve been after some more knitwear, and I’m also just glad I didn’t have to resort to a fast-fashion store because knitwear is just something you need in good quality. It was $15 and seriously, the quality is amazing right down to the buttons they used, you can really see the craftsmanship and I commend whoever created this from their bare hands. Again, I’ll probably talk more about how to style this in a separate post, and I have a big thorough thrift shopping post/guide/love letter that I’m planning to do so hopefully I’ll get around to finishing that soon. 


Other than all that, the interview went well so it was a happy, exciting, satisfying, and inspiring day all around.

Love always,



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