hi – An Introduction, A Redirection

hi – An Introduction, A Redirection

Okay, honestly?

It’s February 15th, 2017 and I’m currently spending summer vacation in my hometown, Manila, before going to study Communications at the University of Auckland in a couple of weeks.
And I’m only getting around to writing an introduction post now – after over 8 months since I made this blog.

Mais, pourquoi?

Well, just because I didn’t really know what to say. I read other bloggers’ tips on how to start a blog and firstly introduce yourself to your audience, and they all said the same, very logical piece of advice: tell them what your blog is supposed to be all about. And that’s exactly why I felt so stuck; I had no idea what my message, my persona, and my aesthetic, if you will, was supposed to be. All I knew is that I wanted my blog to capture the very essence of me and nothing less. I wanted it to be a 100% accurate manifestation of myself. Oh, and I expected it all to be worthy of the pages of Vogue.

And I was so stuck on how to execute this whole shebang because how the fuck was I supposed to translate myself into a bunch of perfectly captured & captioned photos and essays that were perfectly me when, in person, I was still in the middle of learning about myself and learning how to express myself – my true self, which is difficult for someone as introverted and socially anxious as I tend to be.

Though in spite of these aforementioned traits, I’ve never really been someone in the shadows.
Throughout high school, I was often told that I dressed like a blogger, that my outfits were “so on point”, that I was “style goals”. I would get compliments for my Instagram posts, the way I looked in photos, the way I did my makeup, the way I dressed. And even more importantly, people liked what I wrote and thought of me as someone who had a way with words.
And thats what made me think: hey, I could actually do this.

So I tried and I tried to start up a blog and create interesting content, produce something that I was proud of. Yet I was always so stuck. There I was, fussed over:
How can I make my blog at par with the likes of my idols, like kimcamjones.com or garancedore.com?
I wanted it to be a fashion blog, but there was never really any occasion to wear the outfits I would want to feature, and who would take my pictures????
So…a lifestyle blog?
BUT how can I provide content for a lifestyle blog when I am even constantly bored with my own life?

I was so lost in trying to mimic others and reach a level of perfection straight away. I hadn’t even realised that this went totally against my whole point, for my blog to capture myself as accurately as possible.

I carry this theory that the most valuable things you can truly own in this world is 1. Your personal perspective on it, and 2. The style in which you relay back to the world what you’ve taken in from it.
I believe that one’s personal style – not just pertaining to the way someone dresses up – is gradually acquired by uncovering more and more of oneself, and it is a refinement of how you’ve developed from your experiences.
Life is what makes your style, and style is what makes your life yours.
And after all these experiences, I try to find the right words to accompany – just because life wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t get to write about it. That’s exactly why I wanted to start a blog.

I want to go back to this whole concept, and base my blog around it. I want to make the whole point of this blog a documentation of how my style and perspective progresses. I want to be able to share my thoughts and stories and not feel stupid about it. I want to be able to talk about and appreciate and share good fashion and cool things that happen. More storytelling, less showing off. More personal, less generic. Oh, and I still really hope I can get more photos (especially outfit photos !!).

So that was the prologue to this blog.

Uni is freaking me the fuck out but I’m already excited for all the cool looks I’ll get to put together. I’m also excited to write about it all, so watch this space.

I promise to be myself. I promise to be honest.

Love always,